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Our Terms & Conditions / Cancellation Policy

All pictures shown from our accommodations and property are made by ourselves and no guarantee that everything looks exactly the same when you arrive. It should look even nicer;-)


Check-In Time around 01:00 PM | Check-Out Time 11:00 AM


Booking and Payment

With booking request the client accepts the Terms & Conditions. Bookings are accepted by telephone, online, email or via post. For bookings the following contact details are required: 

  • Name/Surname 

  • Address (street, no., postal code, state) 

  • Phone number 

  • E-Mail address 

Bookings cannot be accepted without the appropriate completed booking details. Payment can be made by cash, bank transfer or via Paypal to VilanCool Water Sports Ltd. 


Booking confirmation

All Bookings will be confirmed by email or via respective booking platforms. 


By Client

All cancellations must be in writing or as email. Refunds are only made in accordance with the following scale: 



  • Cancellation during 24 hours after booking the paid amount is refundable, however an administration fee will be charged of 10% of the overall amount.

  • Cancellation up to 14 days before arrival date will receive a refund of 50 per cent of the balance payment.

  • If the guest cancels less than 14 days prior to arrival date, the nights not spent are non-refundable.

  • If the guest arrives and decides to leave earlier, the nights not spent are non-refundable.

Kitesurfing Courses & Lessons

Prices are valid as per price list on this websites or at reception. In case of advanced booking the full amount is due upon reservation. Payment can be made by cash, bank transfer or via Paypal to VilanCool Water Sports Ltd. 

Customer monies will be forfeited less than 3 days before course commencement. 

>3 days before course commencement, 50% will be refunded with a voucher - no cashback possible

>7 days before course commencement, 90% will be refunded with a voucher - no cashback possible


Usually, kite surf lesson starts at the first booked day at 10 AM and is to be paid in advance. Self-inflicted damages are covered within the course fee. If the practical part of the course can‘t take place because of too much (>25 kn) or too less (<10 kn) wind, the course will be rescheduled or replaced with a voucher with a similar value. VilanCool Water Sports LDA is not obligated to refund the course fee, if a customer wants to quit the course due to personal reasons.

Kitesurfing Rentals

Prices are valid as per price list on this websites or at reception. The tenant is obliged to return any rental gear until 5:30 PM. If the tenant is not sufficiently skilled to handle the rental gear, VilanCool Water Sports LDA will refuse the rental. The renter is allowed to cancel the contract and to keep the rental fee. The tenant is liable for self-inflicted damages and must pay on its own according to dedicated price list up to a maximum of 500$ per item and depending on the level of damage. He/she has to report any damage when returning the gear. VilanCool Water Sports LDA staff takes care of trim and safe condition of the rental gear regularly. However the tenant is obliged to check the rental gear before every use thoroughly. 


No refund for rentals due to poor weather conditions or any other natural situation. For more details please see waiver to be signed before rental.



We will take best care of your equipment. We will clean and dry it, store it in a safe and dry environment, locked in solid rooms. However, we cannot guarantee any damage caused by force of nature or animals or any other issues such as theft by force. We cannot take any warranty for your equipment. If required, we recommend a dedicated insurance. Kitestorage is due to pay upon booking and will not be refunded in terms of poor weather conditions, earlier cancellation or departure or other reasons. 

By VilanCool Water Sports

VilanCool Water Sports reserve the right to cancel a course, trip or activity at any time if weather conditions are unsuitable. VilanCool Water Sports reserve the right to cancel a trip or activity at any time where participant numbers fail to reach the published minimum.