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What you need for your Kitesurfing Holiday

Many of you will be taking a kite trip this year and we wanted to remind you some tips of the essentials to bring on the trip. These essentials are needed basically on every kite trip.

When you are about to embark on your kite trip, apart from your regular equipment of

  • kite

  • bar

  • kite leash

  • harness

  • line cutter

  • board

  • pump

  • and wetsuit - not often used in Vilanculos, maybe in local Winter time.

Extra essentials:

  • Impact vest and helmet

  • Extra kite and bar

  • Sunscreen, hat, lycra, sunglasses

  • Extra screws + screwdriver + surf fin key

  • Water bottles and healthy snacks

  • Travel medical kit

If with a surfboard bring extra: wax, set of fins, and surfboard repair kit. If you are doing a long international surf trip-consider bringing two boards especially if it is a remote location

Buy a good travel insurance and make extra photocopies of all your important documents and take a picture of them and save them in your email/personal cloud

These are the essentials we recommend you bringing when going on a kite trip to be fully prepared! These are the recommendations of IKO - or you do not want to bring all this stuff? GOOD NEWS! We have everything at our Kitesurfing Center and offer accommodation at the Kite Spot & Kite Rental. Come and visit us - the 1st IKO-certified Kite School in Mozambique.

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